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Mar. 16th, 2010

Distraction Methods

Title: Distraction Method

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Don't own any characters.

Paring: Nate/Jenny, a bit of Serena. Dan/Blair friendship, and Chuck/ Nate.

Chapter One

Nate tried with all his might to listen to what Serena was telling him. How she gave Jenny advice about losing her virginity, and the importance of it being special. Nate wanted to scream, throw things, even curse just so he could relieve his anger. He could still hear Dan voice in his playing over and over. "She ran off with him and he's not as good as everyone says."

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Nov. 22nd, 2009

Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!
worse a lot taken from the books

Feb. 2nd, 2009







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Oct. 1st, 2008

Redemption (R)



SUMMARY: Nate and his actions causes Jenny to a state of depression can he break her out it while trying not to fall in love.

Jennifer Humphrey was a regular girl got straight A’s and was home by 10:00, she was a blonde and loveable girl all her friends knew of this too. She had walked the halls of her high school with her head up and proud. She had finally been recognized by Blair Waldorf which her friends thought was an honor. It was until the night when things changed for her but let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we.




The school bell awoke everyone from coast to coast of New York. Nathaniel Archibald awoke to his father’s maid she opened his blind as the sunlight shot through his bed. Rolling over he awoke yet another conquest from her slumber. He walked toward his marble bathroom turning the shower on, feeling the water hit his body the coolness it brought to him.


Finally outfit pressed food ready, and car awaiting him he made his way down to his school consent. The ride there was always so quick for him even if it took 20 minutes it still was short in his mind as the limo approached the school he could see his best friend Chuck Bass waiting for him and his signature scarf. Yes today was going to be a very interesting for all of high school.


The clique


Blair sat on her throne a step of the met’s building, then sat beneath her Serena, Penelope, Kati, Hazel, and Isobel. All sitting there thinking of there new project, Blair then spotted a blonde almost similar to Serena but blonder. Pointing to her ladies they all nodded toward her. Blair called over to her to see a yet shocked blonde talking to her friend. Blair waited as the sophomore approached, jenny stood nervously in front of them she never seen them in her life.


The plan


Jenny had been doing well so far she got Blair’s request in and still maintained an A, it was the last night of her job and the party seemed to get a little too wild she was about to leave  when Blair approached her.


“Little J wow you’ve come a long way, now it’s time you ascend to one of us.” Jenny held her excitement she was glowing on the insides.


But then approached Nate he had heard of a new project and Blair begged him with her voice and body until he agreed. As he walked toward her he had to catch his breath for just a moment, nobody ever made him feel this way.  He quickly regained himself before smiling at the girl in front of him.


He had known Blair before this poor girl, she was going to have to have sex with him in order to join there damn social club. And every year he would deflower them and Blair would move on to the next one. He kind of pitted the girl right now, but he was only there for one thing and that was it.


The rape of Little J (some of you might not like Nate right now)


Jenny noticed a certain change of the group’s mood. Serena kept darting her eyes in another direction with the rest of the girls while Blair looked her straight in the eye. Nate moved closer to jenny while she backed away a bit.


“Now Little J don’t worry all you have to do is let Natty here do whatever he wants.” Jenny knew they meant sex and she was always told to speak her mind but sometimes a mouth can get you into trouble.


Jenny backed away from all of them until Blair signaled the girls it was time to leave them. Jenny moved past Nate only to be pulled back to the wall. Her heart began to pace she had to get away but Nate’s grip was too hard. His hands were roaming where they weren’t wanted. Jenny noticed the exit on the left she tried for it again but Nate caught hold of again. This time she let out a scream but Nate just laughed.


“Now Little J, they can’t hear you see Blair through this party just for tonight so that music going is going to be blasting all night while I’m fucking you.” Jenny was pulled in a room that pitch black until the light turned on.



                                   TO BE CONTINUED …..


Sep. 24th, 2008

Love (R)

Nate walked in to the crowded club. Dan had called him asking if he had seen Jenny, But nate knew exactly were she was entering the crowded club he spotted her in her white and black checkered dress. Nate walked quickly to get a hold of her so he wouldn't lose her in the crowd. Jenny felt a chill go down her spine like a ghost touched her. Her lingering perfume found Nate's nose and began to intoxicate him. She turned to a sight that shocked her Nate standind in front of her.

Nate took hold of her arm pulling her gently out of the door. Jenny rolled her eyes she was not in the mood for him or her damn family.

" Jenny were the hell have you been? people have been going crazy looking for you.

" Oh well you found me now leave." Jenny turned but nate wasn't giving up that easily.

" Jenny what is this new attutide about hun because dad said no to a kid's dream." This pissed her off even more.

Slap that was all Nate saw before he could regiester what just happened. Rubbing his cheek he looked bewildered at Jenny.

" NO I'M NOT A DAMN KID OKAY NATE, I'VE GROWN TO HAVING FEELINGS I CAN'T UNDERSTAND AT ALL." Jenny now had tears in her eyes. Nate pulled her close to him.

" Jenny what do you mean feelings, is this why you been acting so strange lately."

Then the moment had come to show  him she wasn't a child pulling his face down to her's she kissed him it didn't last long but it felt amazing to Nate. She moved from him ready to turn away but she felt a strong hand grip her arm spinning her around. Nate's lips crashed on hers, their tongues were having a dool, while there bodies ached for more. The kiss deepened not one wanting to stop until they both needed air to breath.

Nate held on to Jenny's waist while there foreheads touched, Jenny turned to the street hauling a cab. They looked into eachothers eyes for the first time and saw love.

                                                                            The End

secret ( NC-17)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jul. 29th, 2008

Secrets NC-17


Jenny’s POV 




I lay there as he moves in me. How could I do this to Blair and Serena they’re my friends the ones who showed me the good life in their world but I had to fall for him? His blue eyes and golden blonde hair yes I fell hard for Nathaniel Archibald, he was so sweet yet broken inside we became quick friends. Ow the pain it hurts he’s moving to fast for my virgin body, and I grip his shoulder blades for support.


I can hear his grunts in my ear his arms shake from trying to not lose control. His sloppy kisses trail from my neck to my lips, his soft hands tie my legs around his waist while he pumps himself in me. I shut me eyes hoping for it to soon end but we just started about five minutes ago. But I know my body will react yes it natural right.

Nate’s POV

God she feels so good, her inside feel so soft as they wrap around my dick. Gosh her body I can’t control myself yes I ‘ve been with women before but this was nothing compared to what I had. She was so fresh and pure, my love for her got out of hand she was a freshman I a senior what would people think. My thoughts are cut of when I see a tear fall from her eyes I’m going too hard for her, reaching to gently stroke her tear away she opens her hazel green eyes to me.

Smiling down at her I place myself with the crock of her neck to comfort her pain. I slow down to get even more excited gosh how did I fall in love with her. But I still feel a little guilty for Blair and Serena their her friend and I was destroying it by being with her.


End of Nate’s POV


Their movement continues, while the bed creaks from their bodies becoming one. The sheets are stained with small drops of blood and sweat, Nate feels himself coming he can feel her to. Moving his hand to her clit he rubs it Jenny began to pant like a dog who hadn’t drank water in a week. Her body is about to hit it the peek she takes hold of his upper body while he holds her and still balances on one arm. Faster, harder, stronger, the claps of there skin together one last strong push they come exploding in their insides.

It was done complete they had just begun an affair but this time it was physical and now the stakes had rose.


The next morning

Nate awoke to see Jenny Humphrey laying on his chest. Her breathing was soft and quiet her hand lied on his waist while his muscular arm was wrapped around her stomach. He looked around at his surroundings he noticed it was a lot more sunshine then he expected. Jenny felt movement opening her eyes she saw his ocean ones staring down at hers she cracked a smile. Nate reached down and captured her lips in his, they slowed it down first before it got out of hand.


" We need to get ready before my father’s maid comes in to wake us." Nate said a little disappointed but he didn’t want them to be exposed for their little affair.

Jenny reached for the cover to hid her nude while she went toward the shower. Nate smiled to himself for he had a very naughty plan, he followed her until he heard the water running he quietly entered the shower while Jenny stood there shocked. His hands began to trace her outline until he cupped her left breast rubbing it harden nipple he reached to take hold of her leg. Before waiting for a respond he entered her again Jenny’s head went back against the wet wall trying to control her screams.

Meanwhile Blair and Serena were walking down 7th av. They were in the mood for something good to eat like yogurt yes that was it. They entered Vanessa’s coffee shop they had the best yogurt around and closer to the school. The shop wasn’t full like they expected and Jenny wasn’t there yet she was always the first one there.

" Yo V where’s Jenny at." Vanessa turned around to see Blair calling her over.

" I really don’t know last night she wasn’t home either, Dan and I went looking for her but nobody knows." Serena wasn’t mad she knew that Vanessa and dan where good friends and she trusted him. Blair thought to herself.

" hun I’m going to call chuck we have dinner plans tonight, wait shit I need my yogurt." Serena and Vanessa just laughed Blair had been so giddy since she and chuck had been hitting the town.